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Complete Dental Unit 
Radiography Unit, Dental Intra-Oral DIGTAL
Sterilizer Steam
Light Curing Unit (Polimarization Unit)
Instrument for Periodontal Treament
Instrument for Filling and Dental Treatment
Dental Water Filter (RO Unit)
Panoramic X-Ray Machine with Cephalometric X-Ray Facility DIGETAL
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Surgical Motor for dental
Surgical Instruments 
Surgical chair
Septo-rhinoplasty set
Bone graft harvesting set
Maxillary oseotomy set
Mandibular oseotomy set
Micro surgery instrument set for microvascular free graft flap
wire cutter
wire twister
Soft wire(.3,0.4,0.5,0.6) roll
Cleft lip and plate set
Fiber optic light set
TMJ surgery set
Surgical sessors assorted
Periosteal elevator 
Mouth probe ( child and adult)